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The number of tokens is limited to 89 245 085.72

All unsold tokens will be destroyed after the ICO

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ICO Investments

Funds, collected during the ICO, will be used to purchase equipment and servers, will fund rent and construct data centres. All collected funds will be controlled under an escrow committee and under the supervision of the board of directors.

Total funds needed

What is Boosteroid ?

BOOSTEROID is a cloud services platform that provides easy access to software products and enables users to enjoy high processing power even on low-performance PCs, as well as on tablets, smartphones and other devices.

BOOSTEROID CLOUD SERVICES give you the opportunity to work with different software without installing it on your device. You can simply access needed computer programs that are located on a remote server and enjoy user-friendly interface of our service that also includes BOOSTORE application store.

The service will enable users to abandon expensive personal computers and other hardware in favor of a cloud with user-friendly interface, simple management and automatic computing power configuration for particular software selected by a user. Advanced users will be able to set computing power configurations however they like.


One click
High perfomance
Access to numerous

Data centers

Most powerful equipment


Nextgen digital distribution platform

btr token

We made BTR token even more valuable to provide our investors with more benefit. Now every user gets at least 1 hour of work on Boosteroid cloud platform per each BTR. The higher BTR's rate is - the more time users can get. However, if the rate decreases, users will never be provided with less than 1 hour of work per each BTR.

1 BTR corresponds to the cost of at least one hour of computing power on the basis of eight graphic accelerator NVIDIA.

btr price: $2.78

  • 1 BTR guarantees at least 1 Hour
    of our service work
    and equals to:

  • cpu
  • gpu
  • ram
  • ssd

Token rate will increase

After the ICO is completed, investors will be able to exchange BTR tokens for other virtual currency or fiat money on cryptocurrency exchanges and pay for work on our service. The price of BTR is currently $2.78.

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Up to 10% FREE

Boosteroid will provide up to 10% of its servers’ processing
power to startups addressing the issues of education and healthcare.


Who Benefits ?

For users

Boosteroid cloud platform will help user stop spending a lot of money to update their hardware or purchase new high-performance devices. PCs, tablets and laptops with low processing power will still be able to run the most resource-hungry games and software. Users will get a multifunctuonal cloud solution with a user-friendly interface. Everyone will be able to launch any software just in two mouse clicks from our Boostore.

For traders

After the ICO is completed, investors will be able to exchange BTR tokens for other virtual currency or fiat money on cryptocurrency exchanges. The price of BTR is currently $2.78. That means you can work on Boosteroid platform for 1 hour or even more for only $2.78, while the average market price for this kind of service is approximately $8. There will be great demand for the service on the market and it will ensure steady increase of BTR`s rate and, thus, big benefits for investors.


Global Coverage

Our customers are getting the service around the world from any of our 6 data centers


expansion of facilities

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